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Namahige Beard Balm – Original
Namahige Beard Balm – Customized
Namahige Beard Balm – Vegan Original
Namahige Beard Balm – Vegan Customized

How to Use


1. Wash your beard with a shampoo, use a conditioner. Rinse it with clear water. Dry it with a towel and a hair dryer. Fluff the hair with a comb or your fingers.


2. Get a small quantity of the product on your finger, warm it between them. The quantity should be enough to leave a very thin envelope over the hair (few grams) but shouldn't soak the beard.


3. Apply on your beard with your fingers, applying uniformly Namahige balm all over it. Your beard should now be shinier, healthier, easily stylable and lightly perfumed.


4. Comb your beard or use a boar hair brush to give it a clean and even aspect, add texture with the tip of your fingers. Wash your hands with warm water and soap.